V2.00 on sale

X-BASIC for iOS is on sale.

It was a plan to charge for sprite function initially.
However, I could not understand implementation of the "In-App purchases".
So this is the thank-you price.

Updated portion of V1.71 or later is as follows.

Change in V1.80
 Add : program list print out
 Add : key screen is almost reproduce at RUN screen display
 Add : Hard copy function(output to AirPrint/PDF/JPEG/PNG/Album)
 Add : keysns()
  Fix : beep2(13) sound is illegal

Change in V2.00
 Add : sprite and BG functions
 Add : Enable to display two-stage function key in the portrait of iPod touch and iPhone.
 Add : bitmapImageFile()
 Add : bitmap functions can use same area as usual graphics functions.
 Add : Scroll in text screen
  Fix : osVersion() sometime returns illegal value.
  Fix : Display of float value is not same as X-BASIC/68.
  Fix : It is not rounded when you display float with no decimal digit in the "using"
  Fix : Illegal setting at keyRepeatTime()
  Fix : At 3.5 inches devices (iPod touch 4 and iPhone 4), the bottom of the screen is cut off.
  Fix : tborder() is not display until print any contents.
  Fix : It may fall at using float arrays.
  Fix : The startAngle and endAngle of circle() is misinterpreted.
  Fix : It may fall with repeating the selection of program
  Fix : minor bugs
  Fix : Bugs of sample BASIC programs
  Fix : Manual mistake(many)

Added 05/25/2013:
Some HTML grammar problem have been discovered in built-in manual on iPad.
I think that there is no hindrance to display the time being, but if there is a problem, refer to the latest version of the following:

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