Development status of the next version "X-BASIC for iOS" (V2.1)

This is the development status of the next version of "X-BASIC for iOS" v2.1.

If you have reporting or requirements, please put a comment in this post.

Change in V2.1 (on sale)
Add : graphics page/sprite screen animation
Add : graphics/sprite screen transform
Add : graphics scroll
Add : text display control code (ClearLine)
Add : int constant definition statement(enum)
Add : measures against sound delaying of beep2()
Add : symbolt() for string draw virticaly
Add : isnan() for check NaN
Add : For function naming convention unification, add an alias name in some function
Add : gAntiAlias() for enable/disable graphics anti-aliasing
Add : getTouchStatus() for getting touch status
Add : getWidth()'s argument
Up  : display speed up (a little)
Up  : More easy to understand the errors in statement using.
Up  : symbol() returns its draw size
Up  : Sprite & BG system (small speed up)
Up  : The number of functionkeys is extended to 20.
Up  : tatrb() function
    Fix : When you print string within tatrb(ATRB_REVESE), often there is a gap between character.
    Add : ATRB_BOLD
    Up  : each attribute is able to OR specify
Fix : The abs()'s accuracy is not enough.
Fix : The tan(pi(1.0/4.0)) is displayed "0" (display only).
Fix : Fall at print NaN.
Fix : Drawing width of box() / fill() is not enough (1dot).
Fix : Display is not hidden at second argument is NO (manual mistake).
Fix : It is not reflected in the immediately when you set the vpage().
Fix : Default pallete block No. is not 1 in bg_fill().
Fix : Target of deleting file was incorrect (except top page) ; file.bas
Fix : When you print string with tatrb(ATRB_REVESE), often there is a gap between character.
Fix : sample bugs
Fix : displayFunctionKey()
Fix : There may remain the touch key portion is reversed.

Version up of the BASIC main body will be paused. And I will make a lot of BASIC program.
Of course, it will continue to add the necessary features and bug fixes that came out in the process.

Now, the samples in this site are for V2.00.
I will replace them for V2.1 gradually.
The manuals have been already updated to V2.1.
(There is no problem because corresponding version is written).

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