Bugs in V1.71

I will inform about found bugs in X-BASIC for iOS v1.71.

1. Printing float without using statement is sometime illegal.

2. When printing float with using statement and set to 0 digit decimal digits,
it is not rounded to the nearest integer in the first decimal place.

3. When there is a decimal place in the iOS version, getSystemversion() returns incorrect iOS version.

4. keyRepeatTime() does not set correctly.

5. At 3.5 inches devices (iPod touch 4 and iPhone 4), the bottom of the screen is cut off.

6. tborder() is not display until print any contents.
You can avoid this by tborder():print " ".

7. It may fall at using float arrays.
8. The startAngle and endAngle of circle() is misinterpreted.
9. It may fall with repeating the selection of program

10. Some BASIC samples can not run normally.

They will be fixed in next V2.0.
Please just wait.

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