Note in X-BASIC for iOS v3.00

In X-BASIC for iOS v3.00, some point has been changed from previous versions.
  1. The value of the max string length in settings has been changed.
    This is only changed the interpretation way. The essence does not change.
  2. Display processing of text character has changed.
    Please check because sometimes display different results.
  3. When the function names in the existing program is duplicate and it is difficult to modify program,
    please turn off "X68 Compatible functions" in settings.
  4. The order of the program files list is changed.
    Previous version:
    The first is case-sensitive order in user-created program and the second is case-sensitive built-in samples.
    New version:
    The case-insensitive in total of user-created program and built in samples.
    When there is the same name in the built-in and user-created, user-created is priority.
  5. Revoke the function randomise()
    Because it was misspelled, randomise() was revoked in V3.00. Please rewrite to randomize().

The following is I'm sorry.

  • I have no 64-bit real machine, iPhone6 and iPhone 6 plus.
    So, I tested only on the simulator. Those who has trouble on a real machine, please let me know with as much detail as possible.
  • When an error occurs, editor is scrolled automatically to display the first error source line.
    However, in the case of long source, it may not be scroll automatically. This is the iOS bug. If you tap the error line again to scroll to it.
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