V.1.71 release

X-BASIC for iOS v1.71 is released today.

Change in V1.71
Add : Support X68000 ADPCM/M44/P16 file in a_setPlayData()
Add : pic_load() and cut_load()
Add : Regular expression can use in files()
Add : Coordinate check in bitmap
Add : bitmap function (line,box,fill,circle,paint,get,put)
Fix : Manual mistake
Fix : The print statement which is immediate after cls may not display(only V1.6).
Fix : Error No. and its message was mismatch
Fix : Sometime, error line does not match to the line that caused the error in fact.
Fix : Priority of the key display screen is not the highest.
Fix : Minor bug
Delete : BASIC program import function(even via ZIP) ; Mentioned by Apple's review.

For the last point I'll make a little supplement.

In V1.60, there were import feature of BASIC program via email, etc..
However, this function was rejected in this review.

"Be any form, you must not import the executable file from the outside"
This is the reason.
It is not only native executable file but also includes script files that do not work unless like BASIC, is that app.
This is not allowed only import a single file but also import with ZIP file.
"I programmed that bas file in zip is not expand."Mention them, so I finally passed the review.

So, I could not leave that feature.

In addition,About the data such as audio or image can be imported as usual.

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