Development status of the next version "X-BASIC for iOS" (To V2.00)

This is the development status of the next version of "X-BASIC for iOS".
If you have reporting or requirements, please put a comment in this post.

* Change : Faster screen drawing
* Fix : The error line number may be shifted
* Fix : Some images for Manual are nothing.
* Fix : Help contents is old in iPod touch and iPhone.
+ Add : Enable to be specified by the composite RGB value
+ Add : rgb()/hsv()/x68Color2iOSColor()
+ Add : wait()
+ Add : pset()
+ Add : bitmap functions
+ Add : picLoader/cutLoader()
+ Add : using "%"
* Fix : manual misstake
* Fix : text color color was not affect in input()/inputWithPlaceholder()
* Fix : Calling selectMenu/2() immediately after touch, it continues key repeat.
* Fix : bingo.bas's bugs
* Fix : minor bugs

V1.71  in sale
Add : Support X68000 ADPCM/M44/P16 file in a_setPlayData()
Add : pic_load() and cut_load()
Add : Regular expression can use in files()
Add : Coordinate check in bitmap
Add : bitmap function (line,box,fill,circle,paint,get,put)
Fix : Manual mistake
Fix : The print statement which is immediate after cls may not display(only V1.6).
Fix : Error No. and its message was mismatch
Fix : Sometime, error line does not match to the line that caused the error in fact.
Fix : Priority of the key display screen is not the highest.
Fix : Minor bug
Delete : BASIC program import function(even via ZIP) ; Mentioned by Apple's review.

V1.80 (no release)
Add : AirPrint program list
Add : RUN screen hard copy function
Add : Screen hard copy function
Add : key screen is reproduce at RUN screen display
Fix : beep2(13) sound is illegal

V2.00(Coming soon)
Add : sprite and BG functions
Add : Enable to display two-stage function key in the portrait of iPod touch and iPhone.
Add : bitmapImageFile()
Add : bitmap functions can use same area as usual graphics functions.
Add : Scroll in text screen
Fix : osVersion() sometime returns illegal value.
Fix : Display of float value is not same as X-BASIC/68.
Fix : It is not rounded when you display float with no decimal digit in the "using"
Fix : Illegal setting at keyRepeatTime()
Fix : At 3.5 inches devices (iPod touch 4 and iPhone 4), the bottom of the screen is cut off.
Fix : tborder() is not display until print any contents.
Fix : It may fall at using float arrays.
Fix : The startAngle and endAngle of circle() is misinterpreted.
Fix : It may fall with repeating the selection of program
Fix : minor bugs
Fix : Bugs of sample BASIC programs
Fix : Manual mistake(many)
Another development status
* Text Screen Scroll : Proves to be difficult

I decided to suspend development for iOS  as main job.
Because I had no profit at all.
Application support and update development will do as a hobby.
At X-BASIC for ios, the V1.8 will be release.
But the implementation of sprite function is completely undecided.
It should be noted that, for the recovery of development costs, the price of the app will be maintained for the time being.

I resume development of V1.80, and it finished.
At the same time, I started the development of V2.00.
However, It is not a core business, so it takes time.

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