About sample program

I am here also publish the sample program of X-BASIC for iOS.

Some samples are what has been built-in.

・・・September 9/2013
I make ".bc file expand tool".
When you use this program, you are able to import BASIC program easily.
But ".bc file expand tool". itsself must be import with following way.


Each program is a little cumbersome, please input in the following way.
  1. Open this site with Safai or another web browser.
  2. Copy program text
  3. Launch "X-BASIC for iOS"
  4. Select "Create a new"
  5. Paste on editor
  6. Save
  7. Some program needs data file. In that case also import the Zip file.

// Data files imports from another application

"X-BASIC for iOS" can import each sound file(such as wav/aiff) or .zip file from another applications which has file export function.
Each image file (such as jpeg/png) must import with zip file because of iOS's constraint.
Each image file (such as jpeg/png) must import with zip file due to the constraint of iOS.

The import function of the bas program (there were up to V1.6), had to be removed with pointing out by Apple.
You can not import .bas file even using ZIP file.
Sorry, please understand.

If the zip is to import it automatically expands all the files contained therein.
You do not set a password on zip file. It is not able to expand.

If the zip with a directory, create a directory to store the user area.
Basically  please use only one level directory.
Deep directory hierarchy, may not be able to access.

    example test1.zip-test1.wav,test1.png,...   no directory
            test2.zip-test2/test2.wav           with directory

Therefore, you will need to describe with directory name to access the files in the directory.
("X-BASIC for iOS" has no current directry concept. Suffice it to say, the root is always current.)

    example fopen("test2/test2.png","r")    right
            fopen("test2.png","r")          wrong

During import, if a file with the same name already exists, the file name will be changed automatically.
Please be careful.
Example : Import from Mail in iOS.
  1. Receive the mail attached with each sound file(s) or .zip file(s) in iOS device that is installed "X-BASIC for iOS".
  2. Touch attached file icon for a while.
  3. Then, it opens a pop-up to export to the application that supports the file.

    The attachment may not be saved to the device until you will tap actually (This is a feature of iOS mail).
    If the line around attachment is dotted, it is not downloaded.
    If the line around attachment is solid, it is already downloaded.
    You must be in the download state if you want to export to the X-BASIC.
  4. Tap "Open in X-BASIC"
In this procedure, the import is completed.

I was rejected the BASIC program import function at the time of the review V1.70 by Apple. Therefore, It was forced to become this way. Apple has a policy that does not allow to import any execution files including BASIC program source. (Data files are available). But I think BASIC source is kind of script that works only in the application...

Samples are guaranteed to work only with the latest published version basically.

Some parts may seem to garbled. The garbled character are Japanese character. However, all program supports both English and Japanese , so it is not a problem.
If you paste on the X-BASIC for iOS, list is displayed in the correct character.

Part of the comment in the program is Japanese only.

In addition, the program which has list may be also modify or upgraded. As long as it is not very important update, I do not correct the published list. (Because it takes time terribly.) Sorry to trouble you, please get the latest version of the Zip file to which it is linked.

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