This game is for iPad Portrait screen only because of screen size.

How to play

The goal of this game is get all gold in the map by manipulate the PITMAN.
Here are characters and its feature.
Ladder PITMAN can move to up/down/left/right.
  Gold Can get left or right side only.
If under goes blank, gold will fall.
  Soil Can dig from left or right side.
If you dig, it becomes blank and it does not return to the original.
  Rock Can push from left or right side.
It falls as same as gold.
  Wall Can't move and push. And don't fall.
  PITMAN Hero of this game.
You fall when below is space. You can jump when upside is space.
(There is some maps using this jump.)

Operation in play mode

Operate by touch key and function keys as shown in the figure below:

[Giveup] Retry this map by reducing one PITMAN.
Please press when you are trapped.
[Edit] Enter the edit mode (see below).
[Next] Go to next map by reducing one PITMAN.
You can not go when the one PITMAN remaining.
[Prev] Go to previous map (PITMAN does not decrement).
[Exit] Exit the game.

Operation in edit mode

The edit mode is the mode that edit map data.
Operate by touch key and function keys as shown in the figure below:

Move cursor

[Flag] Erase clear flags.
[Exchange] Exchange this map and selected map.
[Erase] Clear this map.
[Save] Save map data and clear flags. You can set 0 to 3 maps.
[Load] Load map data and clear flags.
[Select] Select map
[Next] Go to next map
[Prev] Go to previous map
[Restore] Discard the edited contents and restore this map data.
[Play] Play from this map.
The following, select the data to be placed in the map.
Don't put two or more PITMAN in a map.
It also does not check the map data of whether no problem. You can also make the map data that can not be solved absolutely. Please be careful.

Operation in selection mode

If you push [Select] or [Exchange] in edit mode, you can select a map from list.

Operate by touch key and function keys as shown in the figure below.
Or you can select map directly with touching of map.

Move cursor

[Determine]Determine map
[+10] Display next 10 maps.
[-10] Display previous 10 maps.
[ESC] Escape from selection.

Such as convention

  1. Reproduction is prohibited.
  2. Any problem was caused by using this program, I do not care.
  3. This sample has been not-high dare perfection. Please improve in everyone by all means. For example it will be full touch operation. If you done, please send me.
  4. Please send me your impressions.
Porting from Oh!MZ 1985/11(PIT-MAN2000)
Original Oh!MZ 1985/8

Zip File :XBpit.zip

Bug information:
Edited map and clear information file was not written correctly.
I am up a modified version, but only rewrite fopen(~, "w") to "c".

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