Development status of the next version "X-BASIC for iOS" (V2.2)

This is the development status of the next version of "X-BASIC for iOS" v2.2.

If you have reporting or requirements, please put a comment in this post.

Change in V2.2

Up:Screen drawing is 60% speed up.

Add:Display control code (DISP_CTRL_CLEAR_EOS) ; Clear cursor position to end of screen
Add:Argument fNoBitmapClose add to picLoader()/cutLoader()/magLoader()
Add:separator in hexchr$()
Add:possible to specify with composite RGB in setTouchArea()/setTouchAreaWithText()

Change:YES/true/NO/false are changed from system variable to enum constant.
Change:locate() ; return value and behavior when you give a coordinate out of screen
Change:picLoader()/cutLoader()/bitmapImageFile();When image size is over the display width or height, it views fully by reducing.
Change:input statement's default keybord type is KeyboardTypeNumbersAndPunctuation.
Change:a_setPlayData() was expanded to 64 audio files  that can be registered at the same time.
Change:getWidth() can also ommit wx.

Fix:tBackgroundAlpha()/gBackgroundAlpha()/kBackgroundAlpha() is not effective immediately.
Fix:vpriority() is not effective.
Fix:When you exit the BASIC program after using gTransform() with valid transformation argument , the screen size is wrong the next time it runs.
Fix:The frame of the input were hiding in keyboard(enbug in V2.1)
Fix:Hung up if you give the filename to "" (some functions).
Fix:print "string" including control code.
Fix:Display result of print using "+%%" is illegal.
Fix:minor bug/Sample bug/manual mistake

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