Differences summary from V2.96 to V3.40

V2.96 as a reference, I have made the changes list In later versions(except application name).
I listed only the changed part. Make sure the latest version of the manual for more information.
It should be noted, the currently uploaded manuals are V3.50's.(not v3.40's).

In front of their names, with "+" means added, "-" means deleted and another means changed only. In addition, I have omit the only bug fixed thing.
+maxStringLength() +fenum +debugMode()
+gLocate() fopen() +debugDump()
+forcedSJIS() +fopenError() +logoAlert()
+ellipse() +errorCodeFopen() +setTouchKeys()
-randomise() freads() +resetTouchKeys()
+sjisStrWidth() rand() +resetAllTouchKeys()
+utf8StrWidth() rnd() +programName$()
+toascii() +getScreenSize()
width() setFunctionKeyBackgroundImage()
cursorMove() displayFunctionKey()
imgLoad() displayFunctionKeyAll()
tileImgLoad() width()
gTransform() tAtrb()
sp_def() selectMenu2()
+X68 compatible functionsgetBitmapSize()
+Convenient functions+Debug function
+Card functions devicePlatform()
 iOS9 compatible

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